Mission Statement Solving problems, granting wishes, blessing dreams: Jan-Stix develops novel products to enrich the dining  experience.
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Customer Links Jan-Stix are featured at finer restaurants and senior living facilities. We are proud to recognize our  esteemed business partners and hope that you patronize these fine establishments. Check back to when we will offer links to restaurants of distinction  Check back to when we will offer links to enlightened senior facilities   Check back to when we will offer links to progressive therapists  
History of Jan-Stix Chopsticks are over four thousand years old. So why did it take so long to develop a utensil that is  comfortable, free-standing, and easy to use? Click here to learn about how Jan-Stix were developed, or  look at some of our earlier prototypes.
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Monthly Contest We are always looking for new ways to use Jan-Stix, and new recipes that demonstrate why Jan-Stix  has become The Fourth Utensil. So email us your recipe, or your new use for Jan-Stix. Beginning in  2014 we will send the monthly winner a prize and immortalize them for eternity on our Pinterest  boards. Click for additional product information or Get Jan-Stix to place an order.
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